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Keep It Simple Pouring Medium

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  • ALL IN ONE MEDIUM / CELL ACTIVATOR – Global Colours Keep it Simple Pouring Medium is an all in one medium that makes it easy to create gorgeous cells, dreamy whimsical effects and fascinating patterns.
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE – Does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner, KISS is designed to be easily used by everybody, just have fun.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & VEGAN – Low VOC, vegan and cruelty-free, in recyclable packaging.
  • AUSTRALIAN MADE – All Global Colours products are proudly Australian made

Are you looking for the simplest way to create beautiful pouring art? We have just what you need with Global Colours Keep It Simple Pouring Medium! This amazing all-in-one medium is so easy to use and will create amazing cells, whimsical effects, and fascinating patterns. Forget having to mix multiple mediums; KISS has it all! Not only is this product Eco-friendly, low VOC, vegan, Australian-made, and of high quality, but it also keeps your colours vibrant and cleaning clean up a breeze with warm soapy water. Plus, we’ve included directions for easily diluting the medium with water. You can have fun getting creative with cell pours, chaos pours, balloon kisses, flip cups, swipes, puddle pours, marble pours, dips, colander pours, funnel pours, chain pours, dirty pours, and more! So let Global Colours KISS be your shortcut to artistic paradise this season.

Not sure where to start or how to get pouring? Not a problem! Just use your smartphone on QR on the bottle or just scroll down and check the video. The accompanying video directions for use will advise users on not just how much water should be mixed into KISS but also provide tips on specific pourings including cell pours, flips cups, marble pours, balloon kisses and more!  Whether you are a professional artist looking to up your game or starting off as a beginner learning how to create stand-out pieces - the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to exploring what this fantastic product can do! With its easy clean-ups, your workspace won't go through any hassle either - just warm, soapy water is all you need! So what are you waiting for? Pick up some Global Colours KISS now and let the innovative creativity take hold!

Directions for use: Dilute with water with the ratio of 70% KISS / 30% Water. Please note that varying effects can be obtained by adjusting the ratio. After dilution, mix with Global Colours acrylic paints, which may be diluted with water as required.

Before using: Ensure surfaces are free from dust and grease and allow sufficient time for drying between coats.

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