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Imitation Gold / Silver Leaf / 25 Sheet Pack

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Imitation Guilding Leaf 14 x 14cm sheets, 25 sheets per pack

The age old process of metal leaf gilding can add a new dimension to the appearance of paintings, sculpture, leather goods, metal work, glass, picture frames and much more. The effects and outcomes achievable are limited only by your imagination.

Use Leafing Size to apply, double sided tapes and some adhesives, can also be used on polymer clay before baking, adding to resin and many other applications.

Leafing Size:

Mont Marte Leafing Size is a non toxic, water based gilding adhesive. The adhesive stays open where extended tack time is required, it dries to a translucent finish and cleans up in water.It can be used straight from the bottle with no dilution on porous and non porous surfaces, including: wood, plaster, glass, metal, leather and canvas. Proper tack will develop in 25mins at normal humidity and it will stay open for 24hrs.

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