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Design Dye / Colour dye transfer sheets

Design Dye / Colour dye transfer sheets

  • 1595

An exclusive colored paper that dyes fabric, wood and more. Simply cut your design out of a selected color, iron and your item is now dyed! Unlike iron-on transfers, does not leave a textured patch on top of fabric and it does not change the feel or flexibility, it's a dye! Non-toxic, reusable, no mess and mix to create any color. You can create brilliant designs that will permanently enhance garments, tote bags, quilts and more.

Includes: 8 large 8"x5" sheets of Design Dye (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black), easy-to-follow instructions, protective ironing tissue and fabric sample for testing iron temperature and ironing time. Works great on synthetic and organic fabrics, wood, denim, leather and more! Design Dye Prep Spray is needed for organic fabrics, wood and leather. Also reusable.

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