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Diamond Dotz Pre-Framed / Footy Pup

Diamond Dotz Pre-Framed / Footy Pup

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Diamond Dotz Squares designs are pre-framed kits featuring the new square dotz and are all full diamond coverage.  Just dot and hang.

Design Size

41 X 32CM (16.1" X 12.6")

Frame Size / White Frame

42.2 X 33.2CM (16.61" X 13.07")

Skill Level


Kits contain:

  • 1 pc High Quality Colour Printed Pre-Framed Fabric​ piece
  • DIAMOND DOTZ® SQUARES pre-sorted by shade
  • 1 pc each DIAMOND DOTZ® Craft Tray, Stylus, Soft Grip & Wax​ Caddy


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